Storm Tropical Surge Black/Copper Hybrid

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Storm Tropical Surge Black/Copper Hybrid
  • Storm Tropical Surge Black/Copper Hybrid
  • Storm Tropical Surge Black/Copper Hybrid
The Storm Tropical bowling ball legacy continues with the Surge core making a great bowling ball for entry level and casual league bowlers. The bright fun colors and unique fragrances make these fun balls appealing to bowlers of every skill level. Each ball features the Reactor Pearl or Hybrid Reactive coverstock that glides through the front of the lane, reacts down-lane, and creates optimum pin carry. The Surge core has a higher differential which brings dependability and a little more hook at the back-end than its predecessors. Colour: Black Solid/Copper Pearl. All colours do vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Coverstock: Reactor Hybrid Reactive
Core: Surge (12 lb-16 lb)
Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Flare Potential: 2"-4" (medium)
RG: 16 lb-2.57 15 lb-2.58 14 lb-2.60 13 lb-2.62 12 lb-2.64
Differential: 16 lb-.025 15 lb-.024 14 lb-.025 13 lb-.021 12 lb-.020

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