Storm Street Fight

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Storm Street Fight
  • Storm Street Fight
  • Storm Street Fight
  • Storm Street Fight
The Storm Street Fight has a larger than normal core with the Iron Cross weight block. This core creates greater energy transmission through the pins because it is able to store more energy and bust through the pin deck. The Street Fight uses a new R4S Pearl Reactive coverstock. The technology in this cover was created to match the level of technology in the core. It provides easy transition through the heads and then complements the core to give a tremendous energy release through the pin deck. Colour Purple/White which may vary from that shown

Coverstock: R4S Pearl Reactive
Core: Iron Cross for 14 lb to 16 lb & Modified Centripetal for 12 lb and13 lb
Finish: 3000 - grit Sheen
RG: 2.62 (based on 15 lb)
Differential: 0.043 (based on 15 lb)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Oil

Price is undrilled. Please select weight when ordering. Once you have ordered the ball if you want the ball custom drilling please go to the Custom Drilling section accessible from the Home page drop down menu (both PCs and mobiles), the Shop Catalogue page or at the bottom of the side menu.