Preset Drilling

£ 10.00
The preset average or 'house' drilling is only recommended for those without access to a custom drilling. These drillings are available as a drop down option on polyester balls, novelty balls and a few of the starter/end of line reactive urethanes. As house balls hole sizes are not constant from bowl to bowl, below is an approximate guide to the sizes drilled by Bowling World 2000:

XS - Thumb 17mm (21/31") , Fingers 14mm (9/16"), Span 50mm (2")

S - Thumb 17.5mm (11/16), Fingers 16mm (5/8"), Span 64mm (2 1/2")

SM - Thumb 19mm (3/4"), Fingers 17mm (21/32"), Span 70mm (2 3/4")

M - Thumb 20.5mm (13/16"), Fingers 17.5mm (11/16") , Span 76mm (3")

M/L - Thumb 22mm (7/8"), Fingers 19mm (3/4"), Span 80mm, (3 1/8")

L - Thumb 24.5mm (31/32") , Fingers 20.5mm (13/16"), Span 83mm (3 1/4")

XL - Thumb 25.4 mm (1"), Fingers 21.5mm (27/32"), Span 86mm (3 3/8")

XXL - Thumb 27mm (1 1/16"), Fingers 23mm (29/32"), Span 89mm (3 1/2")

As the thumb is the most important of the above measurements the following size comparisons may be helpful. Please note this is a guide only and it is still the customers responsiblity to ensure the measurements you choose are right for you.

17mm (21/32") is approximately ring gauge size M.

17.5mm (11/16") is approximately ring gauge size P.

19mm (3/4") is approximately ring gauge size S.

20.5mm (13/16") is approximately ring gauge size W.

22mm (7/8") is very slightly larger than the largest ring gauge size Z+1/2.

24mm (31/32") is the inside diameter of a Gaviscon Tube.

26mm (1 1/64") is the inside diameter of most small rolls of Scotch Tape that fit in a dispenser.

Please note that balls drilled to the above measurements cannot be returned unless there is a fault with the ball. The £10 charge is added automatically when you choose a pre-set drilling size option when buying a ball.