Motiv Hyper Sniper

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Motiv Hyper Sniper
  • Motiv Hyper Sniper
  • Motiv Hyper Sniper
A reliable spare ball is vital for hook bowlers. So take aim at spares with the Motiv Hyper Sniper. Motiv has improved upon the original Sniper and the Arctic Sniper by using TruShot Polythane coverstock technology on the Hyper Sniper. This coverstock offers the best of polyester and urethane by providing performance and durability respectively. The Hollow Point core continues to provide sharp shooting accuracy through its high radius of gyration and low differential. Colour: Lime Pearl/Orange Pearl. All colours do vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Core: Hollow Point
Coverstock: TruShot Polythane
Finish: 5500 Grit LSP
RG: (15 lb) - 2.68
Differential: (15 lb )- 0.010
Recommended Lane Condition: Any

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