Dexter SST 6 Hybrid Boa Grey/Black/Red

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Dexter SST 6 Hybrid Boa Grey/Black/Red
  • Dexter SST 6 Hybrid Boa Grey/Black/Red
  • Dexter SST 6 Hybrid Boa Grey/Black/Red
The SST 6 Hybrid BOA has impeccable functional and stylish details such as the removable heels and athletic stitched lines. The shoe features removable slide soles and heels. Dexter is implementing the BOA Lacing System in the SST 6 Hybrid BOA. The BOA system started out in snowboarding boots and has evolved into hiking boots, golf shoes, work shoes, and now bowling shoes! This innovative lacing system contains three main parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. These three parts work together to ensure the best fit. Grab a pair of these new SST 6's and never have to worry about your shoes again! Right Hand only

Colors: Grey/Black/Red
BOA Disc System
Hybrid toe protector
U-throat upper pattern
Fixed Goodyear Push-Off Sole
Removeable S8 slide sole & H5 saw-tooth heel on slide shoe
Removeable H2 ultra brakz heel on pushoff shoe
S6 sole & H7 heel included in polybag
1 shoe protector included

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