Custom Drilling

Thumb Slug: cost 5 (All Options 1 to 3)
Finger Inserts: cost 5 (All Options 1 to 3)
£ 20.00
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Custom Drilling
Price £20

CUSTOM DRILLING. Some balls offer a preset drilling option. If you want to have your ball custom drilled leave the ball ordered on undrilled if a preset drilling option is offered.

If I have your drilling measurements simply select whether you wish finger inserts (fingertip drilling only) and thumb slug (strongly recommended for all reactive bowling balls) and then add custom drilling to your cart. Then use the Contact Form from the top horizontal menu to confirm your identity and post code so that I have confirmation for which customer I am drilling the ball.

If you require a ball drilling to your measurements and I don't have your measurements on file there are three options. Once you have ordered the ball and the custom drilling either:

1/ Ring with your details to 01942 826411. Opening times can be found in the About Us page located on the top horizontal menu bar.

2/ Inform me by phone or Contact Form that you are sending me a ball you are happy with to Bowling World 2000, AMF Bowl, Miry Lane, Wallgate, Wigan WN3 4EA . I will copy the drilling and keep the measurements on file. The ball will be returned post free within the UK with the ordered ball.

3/ After you order the Custom Drilling use the pro-forma, available under Custom Drilling Form on the top horizontal menu bar on the main site or by clicking the three bars in the top left hand corner on the moblie site, to send the details of your measurements once you have ordered the ball and the custom drilling. So an example response could be on this form:

1 - Peter Stewart
2 - 15 lb Mutant Cell
3 - Fingertip
4 - Right Handed
5 - 1 1/64" (or 26 mm)
6 - 27/32" (or 21.5 mm)
7 - 13/16"  (or 20.5 mm)
8 - 4 7/16" (or 113 mm)
9 - 4 1/2"   (or 115mm)
10 - 5/16 Right (or leave blank for the default)
The forward or reverse pitch on the thumb will be calculated off the span.

Note the use of the Custom Drilling form is relevant only to option 3/ above. As such it doesn't need to be filled in if you are using contact options 1 or 2 to send your measurements.