Brunswick Kingpin Max

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Brunswick Kingpin Max
  • Brunswick Kingpin Max
  • Brunswick Kingpin Max
The Brunswick Kingpin Max bowling ball is taking everything to the max! This bowling ball offers maximum hook through maximum traction and maximum continuation to give you maximum overall performance. The Kingpin Max was designed to react earlier in the mid-lane in order to provide more overall hook and the increased continuation through the pins. This ball introduces the ECA-X coverstock which provides that increased traction. This ball also features Brunswick's DynamiCore which is exclusive to Brunswick. This outer core technology has increased hitting power that translates into pin carry. This outer core is uniquely blue and surrounds the Kingpin Ultra Low RG core. Colour: Navy/Green/Light Blue. All colours do vary somewhat from the picture shown.

Core: Kingpin Ultra Low RG
Coverstock: ECA-X (Enhanced Composite Adhesion)
Finish: 500/1,000 Siaair Micro Pad
Reaction: Earlier mid-lane reaction with more hook and maximum continuation
RG: 2.483 (15 lb)
Differential: 0.055 (15 lb)
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

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