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Bowling World 2000

Tenpin Bowling Balls

Tenpin Bowling BallsA full range of polyester, novelty and reactive bowling balls from the top manufacturers including Ebonite, Brunswick, Storm, Columbia 300, Roto Grip, Hammer, Legends and Track.

Tenpin Bowling Bags

Tenpin Bowling BagsA Full range of Tenpin bowling ball bags from the top manufacturers ranging from single ball tote bags, to four ball quad roller bags.

Tenpin Bowling Shoes

Tenpin Bowling ShoesBowling shoes by Dexter and Brunswick ranging from starter shoes through specialist shoes to the top professional shoes with interchangeable heels and soles. There is also an 'end of line' section for bowling shoe bargains.

Tenpin Bowling Accessories

Tenpin Bowling AccessoriesAll those little essentials, from ball polish to shoe covers, that make your tenpin bowling experience even more enjoyable, professional and consistent.

Bowling Gloves and Wrist Supports

Bowling Gloves and Wrist SupportsThis section contains gloves and supports with different properties. They help with problems such as the need for wrist support through to increasing the number of revs you can put on the ball on release.

Finger Inserts

Finger InsertsA variety of the popular finger inserts for your fingertip bowling balls.

Custom and Preset Drilling

Custom and Preset Drilling
Purchase a custom drilling for your ball and send your hand measurements to Bowling World 2000.
Look at the available measurements for preset drilling options.

Measuring Your Hand

Measuring Your HandHow to measure your hand for a personalised Custom Drilling or your thumb for a Preset Drilling