Strike a Bargain

63.95 GBP
(-12.51%) 55.95 GBP
Ebonite Maxim Captain MidnightThree piece polyester bowling ball for entry level and straight bowlers. Also good as spare ball for hook bowlers. This ball glows under ultra violet 'Black Light'.
115.00 GBP
(-26.09%) 85.00 GBP
Brunswick Ringer SolidThe Brunswick Ringer Solid gives good overall hook and mid-lane traction and read in medium oil conditions. Price is undrilled. Both preset and custom drilling are available on this ball.
145.00 GBP
(-11.03%) 129.00 GBP
Brunswick BruteThe Brunswick Brute designed for a skid-flip reaction on medium oil conditions. Custom drilling available.
145.00 GBP
(-8.97%) 132.00 GBP
Brunswick Brute StrengthThe Brunswick Brute Strength is designed for a strong rolling back-end on medium-oily conditions. Custom drilling available.